Tools I can’t do without

I have recently started to use the Ytria EZ Admin suite of tools. As a Domino administrator it’s a toolset that I simply can’t live without now. This morning for example I’ve managed to find a bunch of issues using ScanEZ and it would have taken me hours without them.

Here’s an example. 

User reports that they can’t edit a calendar entry and it’s complaining (in French, as they are in France) about the time being invalid.
I open up the users mail file and find the entry in the calendar. Open up the entry and all looks fine. Click the ScanEZ icon in the toolbar and it opens up with this one calendar entry open. ScanEZ allows me to quickly scan through the fields in the document and I notice that there is a ‘@domainname’ entry in the recipients list. Not as you would expect ‘User Name/Org@domainname’.
Having found that I switch back to Notes and try to fix the issue by removing the ghost user from the meeting. No Dice. Notes thinks that the user is not there as it’s not a properly formed user entry.
Back to ScanEZ and I can remove it from all the fileds in the document and then save the changes.
Ask the user to change the calendar entry again and as if by magic it works. 

Thanks ScanEZ and Ytria for just allowing me to do my job. 

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Ytria have asked me to be a Ytria Ambassador, and whilst I’ve acepted this, it does not mean I’m going to be blowing smoke about their tools. If I think it’s great, then I’ll tell you. If I think it’s bad, I’ll tell them first and then tell you if Ytria don’t fix it.
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