Disposable world

Today I called Plantronics about my .Audio 995 headset that I use every day. It’s lasted me well but the ear pads are starting to flake and I’ve been ending up with the black fragments all over my head. I was dismayed to find out that they don’t sell replacements for the pads or the head bar pad. So I’ve ripped off all the ‘coating’ that is starting to flake away, but when the battery dies (they don’t sell them as spares either) the headset is trash.

For a headset that cost nearly £100 that’s really wasteful and I’m seriously unimpressed with Plantronics attitude towards it too.

Yes I will have to buy a new headset at this point and I’ll switch to one of your competitors. I’ve already seen great reviews about the Sennheiser version of the same thing.

My criteria are simple. Must be PC & Mac compatible, Wireless & Stereo. Bonus points for open bluetooth and easy charging solution.

I’ll let you know how I get on with it when I finally purchase it.

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  1. These busted 3 days into testing, so they went back. I ended up with a Logitech H800 which is still going strong nearly a year later.

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