Update on standing desk and weight management

So my standing desk (varidesk) that goes up and down, appears to be stuck in the up position. Not through any fault of the desk, just that I have not felt the need to put it into the down position apart from 3 times since I installed it.

One bit of advice I’d give anyone considering a standing desk is this. Either get one of those thick soft rubber mats you see in commercial environments where people are standing up all day on a concrete floor. Or, my preferred option is get a pair of Crocs. I know they are not trendy any more, but they are ½ the price of a mat and travel around the house with you. I have a pair that are lined like slippers and they are great. The can even go in the washing machine if they start to smell.

Weight Management update.

As you will have read in my last update I’m trying to lose weight to get to a reasonable weight before a surgical procedure in mid April. Things have slowed down a bit but I’m a fraction off being 2½ stone lighter. (35lbs or 16kgs) I’m still enjoying the Cambridge Weight Plan and it’s varied diet of meal replacements, so that’s half the battle won for me. Here is the updated graph, as we all like a fun picture every now and again.