Speaking at IBM Connect / Lotusphere 2013

I have been honoured with a speaking slot along side my very good friend and XPages guru Matt White at this years IBM Connect / Lotusphere in Orlando, FL.

Matt and I have been speaking together since XPages was first launched. We have done many classes, session and events as a double act as well as on our own. Matt also runs the hugely popular XPages 101 video training site. Ask him for a discount code at Connect and you’ll be amazed at the quality and depth of training on offer.

Enough plugging for Matt, this post is supposed to be about me!

Back this year is ‘XPages Blast‘ where Matt and I will be running through 32 top tips and best practise for your continued XPages development success. It ranges from the simple to the insanely brilliant. Working along side Matt sometime I have moments where I feel like an apprentice watching a master craftsman and suddenly the light bulb goes on and I get it. Those insanely brilliant bits of code that I have watch Matt craft are coming your way. AND ALL FOR FREE.

After our session we will post a demo application that has all the goodness from our presentation. As well as a pdf of the slide set that you can take right to your desk and use immediately. Even if you are not going to Connect / Lotusphere you can download it all in one zip file from my presentations page right after the first run of the presentation.

You can download the file here

NEW this year for me is the chance to try a very short 1 slide presentation at the Nerd Girls Spark Idea Sessions.

Spark Ideas is a chance to bring together a group of our colleagues to
discuss what inspires us. We’ll share our experiences, inspiration,
challenges, etc., during this compilation of five minute talks. Talks
could range from how you were inspired by your math teacher to go into
computing, how you juggle your busy job and coaching little league
soccer, dealing with stress, or describing a hobby or family project.

I’ll also be at the Spark Ideas BOF on Wednesday morning, bright and early at 7am. Oh my days, what have I signed up to. ;o)

My speaking agenda

Monday 11:00-12:00 Dolphin Southern Hemisphere IV-V = BP208 XPages Blast
Tuesday 8:15-9:15 Swan 5-6 = BP208 XPages Blast (repeat)
Tuesday 11:15-12:15 Swan Mockingbird 1-2= NERD101 Spark Ideas: Sponsored by Nerd Girls
Wednesday 07:00-08:00 Swan Toucan 2 = BOF
Thursday 10:00-11:00 Swan 5-10 = GURU101 GURUpalooza!