IBM Think 2018 – T-6days

Las Vegas beckons

Friday will see me at Gatwick airport getting on an aeroplane to the USA for the first time this year.

This is going to be, possibly, the biggest conference I will ever attend, with IBM estimating over 30,000 people being there. So it’s going to be interesting trying to find people.

But being an IBM Champion, again for 2018, will give me at least a front row seat for a few of the sessions and a place to call home (Ask the Champions Desk) for the days we are in town.

What am I looking forward to?

  • Finding out what’s really on the roadmaps for the products in the IBM Collaboration Space
  • Catching up with customers and seeing what their plans are for 2018
  • Seeing friends and sharing stories from the front lines. (My most valuable type of learning)
  • Meeting new people and IBM Champions from other brands
  • Exercise and closing all 3 rings on my Apple Watch for a whole week
  • Doing something new, by Vlogging the event as far as I am allowed to

What am I not looking forward to?

  • 11 hours in a tin can both ways. But to soften it I get to work with Sharon James along the way and maybe watch a movie or two
  • So much walking. Last time I was in Vegas I got a case of Plantar Fascitis that took 18 months to clear up
  • The exhaustion coupled with jet-lag. This gets worse as I get older, so I need to learn how to handle it
  • Not being able to vlog as much as I want

Next update from Vegas.