Springtime in Las Vegas

Since 2006 I have attended the Lotus/IBM event known as Lotusphere / Connect / ConnectED / Connect (you’d have though they would chose just one) mostly in Orlando, Florida but this year in San Francisco, California.

The first bunch of years I was there as an IBMer and lately as an IBM Business Partner. The conference numbers have dropped steadily and this year it was kinda sad to see everyone shuffling about in the Moscone West with so much space around.

I have thought for a while that having this as one big conference may make more sense, but now it seems that IBM have thought that too.

It’s taken me a while to come around to this way of thinking, but I think it’s time to go big for IBM and this seems to be what they are doing. Merging 3-4 conferences into one HUGE / MEGA conference in Las Vegas will be something that may or may not work. We will have to see.

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