Installing FP 10 into the Domino 9.0.1 image

Into the good stuff now. Using an image we have created ourselves, timsterc/domino:9_0_1 and making a new image from it with FP 10 in it.

Why this is useful

This is the part of this whole process that I have found to be probably the most exciting. Why? I hear you scoff into your coffee. Is it just because I’m a sad geek that has finally gotten on board with the whole Docker thing? Or maybe its because I’ve finally found a use for something I’m playing with? It could be that I wish this had been around about 20 years ago when I was working in support. Let me explain.

You now have a base Domino 9.0.1 image to work with. That’s right, you can WORK with it. Make it do what you want. And because we are adding to it into a new image, this image stays the same. Meaning we can build other stuff from it, time and time again.

Imagine having a ‘store’ of small, fast Domino builds with each of the Domino 9.0.1 Fix Packs in them. Sitting on the shelf and ready to go. Need to test something in Domino 9.0.1 FP6 IF3? Well even though it’s not supported, what’s to stop you from creating a FP6 image from the 9.0.1 image and then adding IF3 to it. Run it up, do your testing and then dump it in the trash. Total time to set up? I think, about 15-30 minutes. That’s why I’m excited about this. I’ve clearly worked in support for too many years, but this would have saved me weeks in my previous careers.

“Ok, enough! Get to the good bit already.”

Install the FP into the Domino image

So a similar process to before, build a new image using a Dockerfile.

docker build -t timsterc/domino:9_0_1_FP_10 -f dom_on_docker/domino901FP10/Dockerfile .

No need to explain this again, but note the new tag. 9_0_1_FP_10 helps us find the right image when we have loads of them to chose from.

Dockerfile explanation

FROM timsterc/domino:9_0_1

Using our existing image. ;o)

ENV DOM_CONF=dom_on_docker/domino901FP10/resources/serverconfig
ENV NUI_NOTESDIR /opt/ibm/domino/
COPY ${DOM_CONF}/ /tmp/sw-repo/serverconfig
RUN mkdir -p /tmp/sw-repo/
RUN cd /tmp/sw-repo/    
COPY ${DOM_SRC}/domino901FP10_linux64_x86.tar /tmp/sw-repo/
RUN cd /tmp/sw-repo && \
    tar -xf /tmp/sw-repo/domino901FP10_linux64_x86.tar && \
    cd /tmp/sw-repo/linux64/domino && \
    /bin/bash -c "./install -script /tmp/sw-repo/serverconfig/domino901_fp10_response.dat" && \
    cd / && \
    rm /tmp/* -R && \
    rm /opt/ibm/domino/notes/90010/linux/90010/* -R

Almost the same as before, but as you can see we are running the command to install FixPack 10 and not Domino.

When you’ve run this, and again it takes a while, you should end up with a new image in your list when you run “docker images

REPOSITORY          TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
timsterc/domino     9_0_1_FP_10         e8dcc1a238fd        12 days ago         5.51GB
timsterc/domino     9_0_1               cbe3262a559d        12 days ago         2.73GB
centos              latest              49f7960eb7e4        3 weeks ago         200MB
hello-world         latest              e38bc07ac18e        2 months ago        1.85kB

In the final step we will get the image ready to have the remote admin client connect and then finalise the setup.

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