David vs Goliath

Time to take on the big boys again.

Last week I mentioned that I was delayed just over 24 hours on a flight from MCO (Orlando) to LGW (London Gatwick) with Virgin Atlantic (VS016).

The flight was supposed to be on Thursday 29-Jan-15 and it was already delayed when I checked my baggage in at the Downtown Disney location. So I knew something was going on fairly early in the day. Then I get an SMS later in the day to tell me that the flight was cancelled. So being with good friends I stayed over with them and then headed to the airport with them the following morning to spend the day working and waiting for the ticket desks to open.

When I got to the ticket desks I was told that it was a ‘weather delay’ that caused the flight from Manchester (UK) to MCO to be cancelled the day before and therefore there would be no compensation.

The following day there were two flights to LGW and the Manchester flight go cancelled. If this pattern continues then there will be a complete mess in the schedules and no one will get any compensation due to the first cancelled flight being caused by bad weather at Manchester.

My dispute with Virgin Atlantic is that there was not a weather related delay on my flight route. MCO – LGW was not affected by any adverse weather on Thu 29/Fri 30-Jan-15 as the British Airways flight left MCO on time and landed on time at LGW on Friday morning.

Lack of available aircraft at MCO is not a weather delay on my flight and I think that VA are just trying to avoid compensating it’s customers.

I’ve called VA this morning and raised a customer service case, so I’ll let you know what happens.