Upgrading IBM Verse on Premise to 1.0.1

Having recently been told that IBM Domino 9.0.1 Feature Pack 8 was out and that also Verse on Premise 1.0.1 was out, I thought I’d get the spare Domino server up to date.

Installed Domino 9.0.1 FP8 without any hassle at all.
Installed Verse 1.0.1 without any major hitch. The only slight hitch was that you really have to remove the 5 views from the mail file design that you added in a previous version of Verse.

Fired everything up and could not get back into the inbox of my mail file using Verse. Notes client was fine and the errors being thrown in the log files had no clue about what was wrong.

Could not work out what I had done wrong. So I figured I’d check back through the install procedures, check directory security settings and any other obscure things I could think of. Nothing worked. The mail file loaded but the inbox pane was showing an error every time I reloaded the browser.

Looking through Google did not help, so I started looking at Fix Central to see if there were any hotfixes already for Feature Pack 8.

Not just 1, but 3 of them are already out there. Needless to say that I downloaded Interim Fixpack 3 for Feature Pack 8 and took down my Domino server once more.

Not hoping for much of a solution I installed IF3 and restart the Domino server service.

Quit my browser and start a new session. Log in to Verse and there is my mail file working again.

Installing IF3 has fixed my issue, which I’m still not sure what that cause was, so I’m a happy camper – until I break it next time. ;o)