Humbled again – IBM Champion 2015

I’ve been humbled again by my peers in the IBM Collaboration Solutions space by being nominated to be an IBM Champion for ICS, class of 2015. This will be my 3rd year as an IBM Champion and it’s no less of an honour than it was the first time. Thank you to anyone who nominated me. I have no way of finding out who you are, but I’m touched that you think what I do matters to the community.

To be an IBM Champion you have to be seen, read and/or heard evangelising for the IBM ICS brand and be an active part of the community that surrounds that brand. This can be anything from suggesting IBM solutions to customers or even customers themselves making sure the right product gets used or is continued to be used.

The class has grown to 96 this year and I’m thrilled to be counted as one of them and to be rubbing shoulders with the superstars of the technical community I work in. Does that make me a superstar? Far from it. I’m still just me, being a bit uppity when people dismiss the old Lotus products as ‘legacy’ and don’t even consider the value they could add to the problem they are trying to solve. Still me running the ICON UK in 2015 where a bunch of folks will gather to hear about what you can do with the IBM ICS products. Still me answering questions in the Linux forum, when they don’t go way over my head. And still me thinking that R.A.D. is still alive and well but sad that some companies are taken in by lies, lies and more lies from competitors.

So for me, it’s business as usual, but I can’t wait to meet as many Champions as possible in Orlando in January. Bring on the Class of ’15 photo shoot.