What a morning

I got up  early to get to the supermarket before it got manic with everyone getting a years worth of shopping before the stores close for one day. I ask you, how stupid are we?
Anyway in my rush to get out the door I left the door key inside. Oops. No worries, one of our neighbours has a spare, so I’ll just go and get it. He’s not up yet and I know he’s going out later on. Damm.

I’ll risk it, go to the supermarket and get the bits I want and then come home and see if he’s up, and pray that he has not left for the day.

Supermarket not too busy, just like a normal Saturday really. Got home to find said neighbour walking his dog back to the house. I appologised for knocking on the door earlier and asked if I could use our spare key.

Spare key, Yay, this is going to be easy.

Not so fast.

I had left the door key on the inside of the door and that meant I couldn’t get the key I had all the way into the lock to turn it.

After some slight modification to the door, one of my neighbours could get her hand in to ge the key out and then we could get in. What a stress and hassle but at least we saved a locksmith bill of £100+.

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