Things I can’t travel without. (Part 4)

My last post in the series during my visit to Teamstudio in Beverley, MA USA.

So my last post is more advice than anything else, but it also contains my most luxurious item.

#7 – Bose Quiet Comfort 15 Headphones. “These are the bomb.” One of my recent colleagues described them as. On board a flight they are so amazing at cutting out the ambient noise I often find that when I’m listening to music I hear things that I have not heard before even though I have listened to it many times before. They are expensive, make no doubt about it, but they are essential for me on long-haul flights.


#8 – One more day. I have not been caught out that many times, but I always pack a spare t-shirt and underwear in case I have to stay an extra night somewhere. Also don’t forget any medication you might need. I also have a small printed list of my medication, dose and it’s purpose with me in case I can’t explain it. I know this one is simple and most of us will not forget this one if you have to take medication at all. Always take a few more than you need.


#9 – Your sense of humour. I left mine at home early one morning on the way to Dublin and the folks at Heathrow security (TSA) had also left theirs at home too that day. Travel should be fun and I wholly recommend that you try and enjoy the experience as much as possible. I know it’s dull, boring, teadious and outright painful sometimes to have to deal with people who don’t give hoot about you and your particular needs. But if you can face them with a smile, and not be as annoyed with life as they are, you will come out on top.


And now for the competition. To win one of London Developer Co-Op‘s original conference survival tins all you have to do is leave me a comment on this post. Tell me which of my travel essentials you think would be the most useful when you travel next. And which is your must have item that you can’t travel without. Simple. Mark Myers will determine who has won Next Friday and we’ll send you your prize as soon as we can.

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  1. Great tips Tim. That TP-Link TL-WR702N Wireless N Nano Router seems to be a winner to me. I complained about the poor wireless in my room here in Spain, and what do you know: the reception desk gave me exactly that nano router (in loan). Works like a charm.
    I find the ‘charger’ from panagenda to be most useful when I travel.

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