Introverted retrospective

I find myself sat in a restaurant that I have sat I many times before. It’s not the same this time though, because the people I am normally here with are missing. Already home or didn’t attend the event this year. I’m also missing the banter and astonishment of reading the reviews of the presentations we have given or watched.
Every year is different but seeing as the best kept non-secret was the end of the IBM contract at the Swan & Dolphin hotels I was surprised when lots of IBMers tried to hide behind denials of this well know fact. So as to whether I’ll ever sit in the Outback Steakhouse at MCO again, I don’t know. Will the conference formally known as Lotusphere be rolled into one of the other big three IBM events, who knows. It seems that even IBM don’t have a clear idea yet either.
I’m also sat here a day late, thanks to Virgin Atlantic cancelling a flight to LGW last night. That’s not so bad as I got to spend a great evening with Tanya & Devin Olsen and talked about many things including the LS where we lost a great friend to a motorcycle accident and the power of prayer. I’ve needed that time with Devin for a long time and didn’t know it until we had that conversation. So thank you ‘brother’ for saving me from my own mind.
It’s also been fun seeing the conference from yet another prospective. I’ve done it as an IBMer, Contractor for GSX, Independent freelancer & now a full time employee for the amazing Teamstudio.
It’s an amazing leadership team that keeps innovating, changing and morphing the company into the success it is. I’m privileged to be a small part of that team and it’s amazing to see ideas come through a become reality and go on to drive more success. I can’t wait to see what happens next here, I’m excited and eager to be a part of it. This job is an amalgamation of all of my previous roles and it feels great to pull all my skills together and bring them to bear in a company like Teamstudio.